Contracting for Space II

Contracting for Space 2nd Conference on Space Project Management
17th November 2011
Bremen, Germany

The academic project “Contracting for Space” was launched in November 2009 with an initial conference, including contributions from key speakers from the European Commission, the European Space Agency, policy think-tanks and academia, national agencies, and practitioners. The project, led by Professor Dr. Lesley Jane Smith of Leuphana University, Lüneburg and Dr. Ingo Baumann of BHO Legal, Cologne, provides a first-hand insight into the legal framework surrounding European space projects, as well as into standard problems and best practices solutions when drafting and negotiating space project contracts. A coherent regulatory and legal environment, with a recognized and established contractual practice, is important for the success of the European Space Policy.

The results of the initial conference are now presented in the book publication “Contracting for Space: An Overview of Contract Practice in the European Space Sector”. This compilation offers a systematic overview and analysis of the complex legal and contractual issues relevant to European space projects. It is also designed to serve as a first standard-setting tool for understanding, developing and negotiating space-related contracts within the specific characteristics of the European Union and the European Space Agency.

Legal project management is but one of the overall management aspects relevant to European Space Projects. Project Managers require the skills and tools for successful control of technical performance, risks, schedule, costs and quality assurance in a highly complex political and regulatory environment, often within culturally diversified international teams.

This second conference on “Contracting for Space” extends the scope of its 2009 predecessor from legal aspects towards integrated project management. It provides a forum for practitioners and academics alike to present and discuss the diverse aspects of space project management, including best practices and lessons learned.